Saturday, September 3, 2011

price tag

Only a couple of days now before I bear my struggles and denial of getting older again. Although I know that it’s just mind over matter, still I really get conscious in filling up forms that require the effin age. Whew, can I just leave it blank or write N/A?

And with all my narcissistic and egotistical worries, my baby is also getting stressed thinking about the most sentimental and unique gift idea for me, grins.

“Be, ano ba talaga gusto mo”
“I want surprises”

Aha, I know this made my bebe more hassled, grins again. Be, I understand that you also love surprises and really giddy to wow me in your most thoughtful way, kaya eto na oh, the category of exciting gifts according to $$$, BIG smile.

For free or inexpensive: 
  • A special invitation to a wild and sexy night with you in bed.
  • Special adobo, made by you
  • a book 

  • new jazz CD collection 
  • new watch
  • electric razor
  • GC from the spa 
  • running shoes, you know I’m picky with style and colors 

Expensive to very expensive:
  • trip to Palawan for 3D/2N
  • New lappy, you know how much I dislike the scratch on my lappy
  • The darjeeling limited trip

Too much of a wishful thinking, winks.

I know that we ain’t got extra dough to paint the town red each time we see each other, that’s three to four times a month, but with your sweetest smile and unconditional love, everything seems to be always perfect during our date, wag na kumontra. And It doesn’t need to be my burpday to have the PRICELESS gifts in this world, because every day I receive them from you, my sweet lovely baby. 

  • Your unconditional love AND you showing it every day.
  • A night of blissful talking and cuddling in each other's arms. 

I know that you really wanted to have our baby, but i don’t think that I can take care of him; you know how my work eats up my energy and time. Next time na lang si Charles ha, warf, warf. 

P.S. I wouldn’t mind being the “pika-corny” guy in the world reading a LOVE LETTER that begins with "Mahal Ko" and ends with "Hugs and Kisses". And of course it should be sealed with a Kiss. Pretty Please…. 

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