Wednesday, April 30, 2008

difficult people...part1

The golden rule states "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

I thought that was the rule that will make the world fair and just but i was wrong... I had this terrible experience when i favored a person's request but in the end i felt that I was stoned to death.

As usual, i was hooked in front of my pc, googling, chatting, killing time...In my denouement, there was someone who sent a private message to me...simple pep talked for getting-to-know stuffs but then as we go on with our conversation, i noticed that he started to demand things on me. Damn!...

Pop OuT:

"Difficult and Demanding people are on the hunt for a quarrel. It’s not personal, usually. It’s just that you happen to be the most convenient target.

Difficult people are insecure. They want YOU think and live like THEY think and live. Misery indeed loves company. They feel better if you are tense and unhappy.

What can you do to instantly neutralize their negativity? You cannot stop them from being difficult and demanding. Heaven help you if you try! But you can control your own reactions through the amazing power of NowFacts." by Tom Russel

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