Tuesday, April 29, 2008

blossoming blues....

i hate today
seeing your face in whisper's distance
makes a road of thousand miles

you're in my touch
a chance to show my sunsire love
but it creates a dusk of lonely sights

the morning dew of tear
the shadow of sadness
an inch to my lost paradise

when will be the day
for me to say that i care a lot
i'm longing for you so much
i'm dreaming of you in an enveloping dark
hoping that tomorrow you're in my arms

maybe my feelings are not enough
in a mysterious tenderly catch

maybe my tears are just in a little cold cup
flowing in a desert's heart

and maybe my loneliness
can't make worry to God

but one thing is true
i'm in a blossoming blues
feeling of Love against the star and moon owing You...

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miss_dibly said...

wow! speechless....