Sunday, June 15, 2008

i wasnt

Whoaaaa!!! she's a real head-turner, mom, claudine...ahehehhee. I was with my friends looking for a snappy flip flops (but in the end we had a consensus, yahoo! 300(the setting of the epic movie) double-plugga)around the chic serendra's neck of the buildings (woods instead). While i was awed looking to the filthy chicks roaming around, i heard my friends' buzzs and sensed their grim delights, WhOOaAAaa (slow-mo scene, moving my neck to d left), it's Claudine,(we're just inch apart)lol, in green boomb dress, without being a pushover, she's just really beautiful,lol. She's with her husband (no offense meant, raymart looks like an ordinary call center boy, damn! he's very lucky to have claudine,lol), jenny M.(just a fair judgment, shes HOT, with a "K" in a sleek jeans and skimpy pantulog tops) and some other infamous friends. That's it.,lol...
The gigly had ended after a treat on krispy kreme...haiz!,lol.

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