Friday, June 20, 2008

nothing and everything...

My mind was running swiftly, heavily, dangerously…
With no directions, no preparations, no maps
None at all
Collision in every passing lane
It’s Breaking, damaging, excruciating
Still no lesson learned
None at all

The people were hushing and then babbling, laughing and then shouting
In different tones, different languages, different thoughts
Diverse in all things
He was walking south, she was taking north, they were traversing the east, others on west
Diverse in all things

I joined them at once
In a walk, in run, in a flow of qualms
I got nothing but I joined them again, and again…
All for nothing

When time brought to halt
I got the drift of silence
I listened, I observed, I opened all my senses
But I felt, heard, seen, tasted and smelled nothing
I was shaken and felt that I was left alone in a sinister land

I wept, I sobbed, I cried aloud
“Where are you?”
I received silence, repeatedly
I was down on my knees with tears drying on my quivering hands

It was the first time
I felt the contact between my feet and the ground
The first time I saw the pearls on my eyes
The first time I heard the beats of life
The first time I felt my breathe
The first time I got a glimpse of the cross on my shoulders

And it was also the time
That I freed everything
I emptied my whole body
And I felt nothing

You showed me light…

NOW I am walking again BUT having my OWN WAY…
With YOU
Not with them…

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miss_dibly said...

ahay. kilig uli. lol