Saturday, July 26, 2008


Its driving me nuts, 11:11 what does it mean. This “11:11 phenomenon” has been bugging me for years already. It started during my college years. Yeah! At first, I thought it’s just a coincidence but the frequency of seeing 11:11 on the clock, on my cell phone, at school’s wall clock…had increased substantial. Then I started thinking some craps about it, “Am I going to die on Nov 2011” and other freaky thoughts. Then when my friends and I had a sleepover party for our friend who would leave for Singapore, I spilled out that topic and they told me to consult a numerologist. Sheesh, I am not that superstitious. The 11:11 phenomenon didn’t stop but the heck to make a sense out that crap. Just last time, I had a fun chat with my friend. We had this weird questions game, throw any kind of questions but it should be weirdo, that's the rule. Then I asked her "what’s the usual reading on your clock whenever you look at it". She told me 12am, and then I said mine is 11:11. That’s weirdo, I said. Then googling the 11:11 had popped into my mind.

“A new age of "Spiritual Uplift" has begun on our planet. There are now literally billions of Celestial beings here, all of whom have been especially trained to assist with changing the course of this planet. Many more of these delightful Spirit Guardians are now ready to assist whoever will ask for their help. As a tribute to the centuries-long tenure of the original 1,111 Celestial Helpers, they have retained the customary 11:11 prompts. We are told that well over a million folks are being given these 11:11 prompts, and a glance around the web will tell you something big is happening. Welcome to being an 11'er. “

“Numerologists believe that events linked to the time 11:11 appear more often than chance or coincidence. [1] This belief is related to the concept of synchronicity. [2] Other authors believe it is an auspicious sign, [3] and others that it signals a spirit presence.” - Wikepedia

All right, I’m trying to make sense out this crap. And it sucks. Btw, it makes me laugh...crap!

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Anonymous said...

amf, its not a crap,lol. pre k lang nbgla lang me nun nkta ko pix s artjnk,lol, k lang , andyan na yan eh, hahaha, nywas cngrats ang ganda na nang artjunk, yko comment bout numerology,lol may sarili ako ksing paniniwla.blee