Friday, July 25, 2008

Sultry Glances

It was past midnight and the ambiance was cozy and reserved, reserved for something sultry things to happen. Everything was set up, the jazz music airing in the hushed midnight scene like a moonlight sonata, plus the left over foods fresh from the fridge. There was only one thing missing, a pot of coffee. The sound of my whopping mug was breaking the silence as it hits the plates on the dish organizer. Then a heard someone on flight down the stairs. I looked around and saw the pinkish feet brushing each of the staircase bit by bit then the gradual presentation of the shiny legs and finally the ceramic skin of the thighs as the light bulb on the sidewall underscoring the lovely scene. I got thirst with that scene and I didn’t notice that she’s already in front of me.
“Sunny magiinit lang ako ng tubig”, she said as if she was whispering to me.
“ I’ll do it, magkakape rin ako eh, want a cup?”, my jumpy reply. Of course, I hid the tension at the back of my head.
“inde ako makatulog eh, warm milk saken” she said.
I boiled the water. Her green lil mug was on the table with some scoops of milk. When the water came to boil, I went to her at table holding the pot of boiling water.
“ako na magsasalin” she said while looking into my eyes.
“ako na,” my reply while holding her stare at me. She broke the stillness of our stare by turning her look at her mug. Then I put some water into my mug too. I would like to start a conversation with her but she turned her head down and frowned while she was holding her phone and moving her index finger on the keypads. All right, she’s busy sending a text message. I sat on the couch, of course on the site where in I could have sultry glances on her desirable body. She’s sexy with her orange shorts decked out with hibiscus prints and her tight fitting spaghetti strap tops, just like a camisole. My blood was boiling at that time. But the crap after three or five sips of her milk, she bid goodbye and went up to her room. What has left with me was the memory I that gathered through my sultry glances.

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