Monday, July 28, 2008

what lieas ahead?

There’re lots of time that I questioned God about the things that have been going on around me... but I never had a time to reflect back, deeply, seriously about the purpose of the events that got tangled up messily.
2 years ago, I planned that after my college graduation, I would work my ass down for my board exam review but I failed. I was lax during my review and the payoff, goal not met, as simple as that.
3 years ago, I planned that at the age of 21, I would have a good job and a stable life, not a leech for my family. I’d pay for the rent, bills, and would be able to sustain my life’s petty extravagance of pigging out. Again, I failed.
4 years ago, I had this mushy plan, to land on a serious, fulfilling loving relationship. Gee, what a goddamn loser I am.
Now I have just realized that while you were young, you have these lingering, detailed, time-bounded plans for the future. It’s pretty normal for a youth full of vigor and hope with the dose of optimism in a challenging world and seeing himself with pride as a catalyst in the society full of turmoil and hatred, an awesome purpose in life. However, unavoidable things may happen anytime, at any point of your life, things that might bring a life changing twist or an immediate change of heart. This might bring bitterness or/and frustrations for what world and life you had put in your mind earlier in your life. Nevertheless, this is life, full of uncertainties and surprises. You can’t undo things and the heck to visualize the future. The only thing that you can do is to react positively and think of a purpose or better yet ask the one who made you.
So years from now, I don’t know what look, life or things that I might have but one thing is certain, happiness. I still believe in happy endings.


Anonymous said...

keep the faith pre!! I've been there na din, hahaha! kulang nlang ata sakin impyerno,lol.

miss_dibly said...

ganun tlga .. pag medyo bata bata pa, idealistic tau. all hopes high. pero pag medyo nag mamature na, nagiging realistic na.

ako naman, na reach ko naman karamihan ng goals ko, un nga lang may kulang pa din. ndi pa fulfilled. pero siguro un din ung nagiging wick para mai-pursue natin ung dreams natin and to strive hard na din at the same time.