Saturday, October 11, 2008

Coffee Aroma




Are you feeling sluggish around the office? Take a whiff or two of scents derived from products you already rely on to get you through the day: Coffee and Chocolate. The scents of coffee and chocolate have a significant effect on enhancing cognition and clerical office work.

The research summary: Thirty participants were asked to complete a variety of tasks associated with clerical office work. One of the tasks was the completion of a series of cognitive problems measuring visual memory, verbal memory, reaction time, and impulsivity. Participants were also subjected to a typing task, where they were asked to reproduce as quickly as possible, but also as accurately as possible, a short story.

The mock office workers visited the laboratory three times, each time performing the tasks under a different scent condition. These conditions consisted of the presentation of coffee scent or chocolate scent (administered through low flow oxygen via a nasal cannula), and a control condition where only un-scented oxygen was presented.
Upon completion of the clerical tasks, several additional assessments were made, such as the participants’ mood, self-rated measures of workload, and ratings of alertness and fatigue.

Statistical analyses were conducted by controlling the covariates of frequency of coffee and chocolate consumption, preference for coffee and chocolate smells, and preference for coffee and chocolate taste. Typing accuracy was greater when coffee scent was used, as was a significant increase in typing speed words per minute. When chocolate scent was administered, there was a significant increase in visual motor speed information processing and an increase in impulse control. An increase in visual motor speed means you can process visual information more quickly, and thus respond to information more quickly, so you can get your office tasks completed faster. An increase in impulse control also implies that you are less likely to make a mistake on your tasks. It’s a win-win!

So if you want to keep on track with your word processing tasks, keep that cup of coffee next to your computer so you can benefit from the aroma. Or if you need an extra cognitive boost for your Sudoku puzzle, an open box of aromatic chocolates may do the trick.

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faye said...

its coffee time
have a break..
something in my mind------
why they called coffee break while some people drinks other than coffee during -coffee break.?!
hahahahha joke joke
makiagi padi!
salamat sa pag post kaini.

Amorgatory said...

i just love the aroma of freshly popped Rh, hahahahha!!tgay pre!!muah!!

Anonymous said...

eu ngani faye,lol..congrts nga pala faye, mapaturo ako sau ha,lol

pre, puros Rh ah, hinay hinay,lol! baka nmn milk yan!

Amorgatory said...

pre anong ,milk?hahahha,dami kasing meaning nang milk, lol

faye said...

tnx,,,and no probs hehe
pagtataohon na ako maray ta baka dai kita magkaintindihan sain kita kaan puroton! heheh

Malou said...

Bicolano man tabi ika? ;-)

hi sunny gusto ko sana iadd yung isang blog mo sa list ko pero di ko makita cud u pls send d url 2me thank u

Anonymous said...

lol pre...

faye, salamt! waheheheh

malou, eu uragon ini...i left a msg to your cbox na! ingt kabayan