Wednesday, October 15, 2008


When I was a kid, I was taught about the structure in life – that life is labyrinth, a maze of questions but there’s always a way for everything to make it a simple journey. I kept my post-it notes, my journals, and my new year’s resolution as a blueprint and an everyday remembrance that life will be okay for tomorrow

- The hope

. I was taught that if I strive hard, I‘d get the equal payoff for my efforts; the books, the children stories, and my teachers and guardians promised me – we’re all had this promise – that life is a long walk in the wide horizon, be free to walk

- The freedom

. I was convinced about that and I had lived a life in that way – to live with a possession of control. I was made to believe about metamorphosis, about the transformation of life to abundance, beauty, and freedom like a butterfly flying on a fertile land with blooming lilies and lavenders

- The dream

. Though I acknowledge the inevitable of natural disasters, I still believe of control by choosing a place to live in with fewer risks – a form of control. I was trained, taught, and made believe to the power of man’s control

- The free will

But what about the proclamation of behavioral genetics, of our genes. What about the crimes, if someone has stabbed at your back? Are you still going to claim the thoughts of free will? Are you still going to claim “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul”? How about the scripts of your life? The destiny, the plan that you’re going to walk in the filth. How about the program of heredity? Are you still determined about the thoughts that were given to you? Is life alterable?

Pardon me…I am just confused with my f*****-up life

- The rundown life

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Anonymous said...

mismo... natumbok mo...
lol.. yan na yan yung gusto kong sabihin syu kahapon eh..
dinalwa lang ako ng antok..

see you around..
kosa out:]

Anonymous said...

wala akong natumbok, kung meron sana eh hindi ako mgpopost nito,lol

EJ said...

You should look it on a brighter side, if somebody stabbed you at the back, be glad because it only means that they're envy about you because your are better than them... Take it easy Man! later....

Chubskulit Rose said...

Aha kaya pala nageemote ka kanina hahaha, kaya pala di mo ko kilala wahahaha.. Oiiiiissst keep your cool little bro, take it as a life lesson... When something negative comes in our life, it means that God wants us to be strong and keep our faith and keep going....

Amorgatory said...

everyone cguro sa life nila experienced thesame thing youre experiencing right now, hindi ka nag-iisa pre, madami tayo..the best thing you could do cguro is to try to know what you really want sa buhay mo, then do something about it, if you failed then try is beautiful ngayon ko lang na realze, kahit na full of puzzles and often times you dont know whats in store in the future, pra syang labyrinth, lol, di mo lam minsan san ka ba tlga pupunta,may pupuntahan ka nga di mo nman lam which way,bsta continue lang sa paglakad makikita mo din yung light, wakkaka, papuntang langet!wahahha!!!joke..labyu pre, ingats lage ok?mag cloud nine ka muna,wakakka..

Anonymous said...

salamat sa laht!!! maraming salamat!!!