Wednesday, October 1, 2008

what's the matter Inday?

I put high value and respect to our dearly beloved maids/yaya. I consider and treat them as family members more willingly than mere helpers. But just tonight, I got sore to our maid.
As a scheduled, when the clock strikes one am, I ought to be on my study den, which is the living room for its proximity to the all the areas of the house; the kitchen (whenever I need to pig out), the location of the hi-fi stereo for my sentimental sax music (lol), the door leading out for my nicotine dose and c. Everything should be placed on their proper places for my engine to start working. It’s my ritual.
Here’s the story, I told our maid to sweep the floor and to fix the furniture, as I always do. In to my dismay, she shrugged, frowned, flipped her legs as if she's having tonic-clonic seizure, and yelled “eeeh”, in a tone of irritation. What would be my reaction after my soft-spoken request? Soreness! Soreness! I took a deep breath and did the things that I told her to do while she's fix on her seat, busying herself with her cell phone. Oh crappy dooh! With my irritation, I gave her my ironic statement of not helping me with the chores. And here’s the real crap, she just went to the bathroom and then went directly to her room. D*****! I really got sore, I wanted to burst out my anger by shouting at her but it wouldn’t take effect for a person without her sanity on.
In the morning I talked to her and she asked for an apology. She told me that she's having trouble with her boyfriend that night. Of course, apology accepted but I know I should make a move for that thing not to happen again. I guess it was my fault too; I let her to act like that and to cross some boundaries that shouldn’t be touched. She’s starting to become laid back with her responsibilities. It isn’t bad to become too close with other people but you really need to maintain some boundaries and matter-of-fact relationships for RESPECT not be ruined.

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Amorgatory said...

based!!buhahah!!nauna ako!!!lol..anyways pre sun, same din sa yaya nang pamangkin kow, super text to the max to the highest level, sometimes if mabait ka sa kanila aabusuhin ka din, haayz, YAYA URE SUCH A

miss_dibly said...

very well said!

Anonymous said...

aw...tama nga po statement mo....after u trust them dey will abused happens to my LOLA
gush grabe pagknauspa sila bout d mistake sila p galit nd make sira2 to the kapitbahay...
kaya no yaya policy nah hehehe