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A day at the Sony Expo 2008

V-ery I-nteresting P-lace
V-ery I-nspiring P-eople
V-ery I-nnovative P-roducts
The REAL VIP experience

The Sony’s VIP experience

With a

V-ery I-mpressive P-artnership


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On December 6, 2008 the much awaited event for bloggers, press and for the entire quality products enthusiast of Metro Manila and throughout Luzon, the Sony Expo 2008 was held at SMX convention, hall 3 in a very special way. It's grand, Innovative, Creative, World Breakthroughs, High-Definition World of Technology...Be ready to be mesmerized with wonderful Christmas treasures. Have a view of the treasure map and later let's dig out the treasures one by one

The place was really jovial and you could actually feel the total blast celebration in the atmosphere -excitement, fun, and flabbergast were the reigning emotions on the place. How’s being the third on the Nuffnang registration? What an obvious exhilaration! I came there with my VIP access and to know (and claim) the winner of “My First Sony Experience” blogging contest. But my excitement was raised to the 100th power of thrill when I saw the amazing products of Sony, the World Breakthroughs. Before I show you the biggest, the grandest, and the most advanced Sony Products, take a peek of the place first.

So what can u say now? It aint the real show yet. Hang-on to your seats and take time to drool over the VIP experience. How about the sumptuous food, the overflowing buffet food mania, yummy!!! It’s really VIP. But what about having a fine dining with a lovely serenade? Yes, while we were wolfing down the delicious-oh food galore, a golden voice of a sexy mademoiselle made a double drool effect. That’s really awesome. Then after that, the man behind the Sony Philippines made their inspiring speeches and spilled out their very own Sony First Experience.


1. World’s First Motionflow 240Hz LCD TV: Bravia Z450: It enables the display of fast-moving images with total precision and smoothness by increasing the image stability by quadrupling the number of frames rate per second by interpolating three new frames to reduce motion blur. This results to a more comfortable and exceptional motion picture viewing. Just imagine you and your family watching fast, action-packed sports programs together without motion blur! This is the chance to see the games clearly and without any hindrance whatsoever.


2. World’s First Noise Canceling Notebook Computer: VAIO T Series
Its feature combined with a Sound Reality chip and bundled noise-cancelling headphones to generate high-quality audio performance. It is also an extremely compact and lightweight notebook for business and personal use, providing exceptional audio and visual performance. The noise-cancelling feature of the VAIO T laptop enables moms to work productively in a house full of rambunctious kids. For the hard working executive, every second counts. Even in the middle of a noisy airport lounge or a busy shopping mall, he needs to concentrate and get some work done, the noise canceling feature of the VAIO is imperative for optimum productivity even in the most distracting environment.


3. World’s First RGB LED Backlight LCD TV: Bravia X450
The Bravia X450 is the world’s first LCD TV to have the newly developed RGB Dynamic LED backlighting technology. It brings to life the warm, brilliant and beautiful hues of the images in the screen. Combining the unique arrangement of red, blue, and green LEDs with dynamic backlight control, the Bravia X450 generates sufficient light to produce rich dark tones that replicate the most natural images for viewing. This is the perfect gift for your loved ones who can appreciate the vivid textures and colors of rich cultures and various hues of nature right in the comfort of their living room. The vivacity of the colors as portrayed on the Bravia X450’s screen will make them feel that they are really part of the journey of nature.


4. World’s First Slimmest Camera with Optical Image Stabilizer: Cyber-Shot T77
Right now, sharing of media files with friends and loved ones through the Internet is par for the course for young Filipinos. Sony has captured the youth’s need to have a stylish, yet, innovative camera. Sony’s Cyber-Shot T77 is the world’s first best, slimmest camera with an optical image stabilizer, Optical SteadyShot. Together with an improved High Sensitivity mode of ISO 3200, it reduces camera shake and motion-blur for taking pictures in low-light situations. These days, a slim and stylish camera is a girl’s best friend. It is a perfect gift for those who want to capture precious memories with their friends and family. Plus, with T77’s slim and sleek style, it totally complements your best outfits for any occasion.


5. World’s First Smallest, Lightest and Slimmest Full HD Camcorder: TG1 Handycam
On-the-go types would be happy to know that Sony has invented TG1 HD Handycam, the world’s first smallest, lightest and slimmest full HD camcorder. It is just about the size of a wallet! This is small enough to become an everyday accessory. Despite the small size of this camera, the TG1 combines the power of Sony’s ClearVid™ CMOS Sensor with Exmor™-derived technology and BIONZ™ Imaging Processor, technologies commonly associated with digital single-lens reflex cameras (D-SLR). Recording sweet and precious everyday moments will be so easy.


6. World’s First Noise Canceling Portable Music Player: NWZ-S730 Series
The NWZ-S730 Series, or NWZ-S738 (8 GB) and NWZ-S736 (4 GB), is the world’s first music player series with the integrated noise-cancelling technology that can cancel up to 75 percent of ambient noise. Its high quality EX Headphones also has an in-built noise canceling function that can also enhance you over-all listening experience. An in-box adaptor can also turn your Walkman® player and EX headphones combination into noise canceling headphones for other devices.


7. World’s First Noise Canceling Headphones: NC500D
One of Sony’s latest forays into headphones is the NC500D. It is also known as the world’s first noise cancelling headphones. It can effectively reduce approximately 99% of ambient noise while providing a high-quality audio experience. An in-built Digital Noise Cancelling (DNC) software engine makes use of a digital filter to effectively eliminate ambient noise. Also, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Noise Cancelling feature of NC500D enables the headphones to automatically scan the user’s ambient surroundings and choose the most favorable noise cancellation profile by simply pushing the ‘AI Mode’ button. The generous-sized drivers and a digital equalizer to ensure excellent audio reproduction complement its noise-cancelling attribute.


8. World’s First 24.6 MP Full Frame DSLR: α900 DLSR Camera
Sony’s α900 DLSR Camera is a world’s first in offering 24.6 megapixel full-frame Exmor™ CMOS sensor with a built-in image stabilizer, SteadyShot® INSIDE. The 24.6-megapixel Exmor™ CMOS image sensor in the α900 is designed from the ground up for 35mm full-frame imaging, and is produced using proprietary Sony planarization technologies to ensure an ultra-flat surface across the entire imaging area. The SteadyShot® INSIDE is a body-integrated anti-shake system that can capture sharp images with a shutter speed up to 2.5 to 4 stops slower than possible for a sensor this size. This sensor-shift, optical image stabilization system works with all α series lenses, including wide, fixed focus and large aperture lenses, which have traditionally been difficult to implement in lens-based stabilization systems.

“My first Sony Experience”

annoucement of winner

And then, drums rolling, the announcement of “My first Sony Experience” winner with miss KC conception, sheeeeeeeeeeeeee’s so gorgeous. She’s just a few feet away from me, ahh! No doubt why Sony picked her to be the Cyber shot model, she has the magical craft of smiling. She introduced the Sony Cybershot Camera with all the features on it, but i just missed recording it (was mesmerized,lol). Anyhow, here are KC's reasons for choosing Sony Cybershot.

My heart was beating so fast, and I got the itchy feet to stand and claim the award. But when Miss Kc spilled out the winner, OMG, green with Envy. I missed the cyber shot. But being at the Expo, having a close look at Miss Kc conception, and feeling and touching the Sony's World Breakthoughs were already an overwhelming price. (plus the feebies, whew, so greaat!)

"My Favorite Experience"

My favorite experience was when my newly found blogger friends and I checked over and tried the Sony Amazing Products one by one, station by station. It was fun trying out the Sony Amazing products like the Sony Cyber-shot. At the picture, we were amusing ourselves with the Sony’s Revolutionary Smile Shutter feature, designed to catch all happy moments automatically, no need to press any button. It was just fun smirking and making fun of our faces! Our next favorites were the Digital SLR station and the The Digital Photo Printer station. Take a pose guys! We were able to lay a hand on Sony’s 24.6 Megapixel 35mm full-frame Exmor CMOS sensor. What can you say guys? Stunned? Of course, it’s Sony’s World Breakthrough. We made our picture perfect (homey, I presume) pose at the station and viola, in one click our image was captured by the spectacular Digital SLR . Our model stand would not be complete without seeing it in a clear, hard copy. No problemo mi amigo! The Digital Photo Printer was there, and we got our picture printed for free. It was a unique touch in that cherished moment. Why? Because Sony’s Digital Photo Printer has the auto-touch up technology, it just one touch it corrects exposure, focus, and red eye, and smoothen skin. Next amazing experience was the BRAVIA: Best Resolution Audio Video Integrated Architecture Theatre‘Now Showing, Resident Evil”. You could actually feel the movie; I felt that it was real. The sound was awesome and the colors were vibrant, you could actually differentiate watching TV, and experiencing it. The experience was beyond definition. Then we went to Handycam High definition station. You’’ get impressed with Sony Handycam Features – the imaging technology of smile shutter and face detection and the High Definition Advantage. We were also astounded with Sony’s Digital Photo Frame . It makes viewing photos fast, easy and enjoyable. The Blu-ray Disc Player was the next stop followed by Sony Ericsson Phone , our extra appendage. We were hooked seeing the Bond’s phone with its titanium silver design, the image stabilizer, and face detection features. And of course, we wouldn’t miss the sexy models of Xplod Technology – the car visuals, amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers. The World Breakthrough in Sony’s WALKMAN was astonishing. It’s perfect for chilling out while walking out. Lastly, the Sony Accessories suited for all your Sony techs to make every experience like no other.


by the way, you can avail yourself to this amazing Christmas Treasures until Jan. 18, 2009

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All I want for Christmas is...

Sony VAIO C Laptop

* Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor T3400 (2.16 GHz)
* Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium
* 14.1" WXGA display (1280 x 800)
* Built-in 1.3 megapixel camera: MOTION EYE
* Intuitive Operation: Touch Sensor
* Touch and Feel: Glowing Luminous LED

More pictures here

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