Monday, February 9, 2009

What's your Carbon Footprint?

We are all responsible for adding Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere, just by doing everyday things such as driving our cars, heating our homes and flying to a holiday destination. Use Carbon Calculators (over on the right hand side) to find out how much Carbon Dioxide you or your business generates each year, how to reduce these emissions and offset what's left.

Once you have Offset your Carbon Footprint, Carbon Advice Group will send you a certificate, car windscreen permit-style sticker, Green luggage labels and window displays so you can demonstrate your Green Credentials to your friends, family, colleagues, customers and suppliers.

so what ya waitin for???SIGN UP HERE!



miss_dibly said...


footprints na ba to, SUNta? :P

Amorgatory said...

footprints in the sand d pwde?lol..pare paanow yang footprints?lol

Anonymous said...

hmmm, i will check this one out later.

Scott James said...

Thanks for letting people know about the Carbon Advice Group, Sunny!
I am a Link Agent with the Carbon Advice Group and would love to talk with anyone out there about what we do and how we can work together.
If you or anyone else have questions about the site please email me.


Anonymous said... araw araw na pagdri-drive ko...ewan ko na lang. bumabawi na lang ako sa ibang bagay!

Anonymous said...

this is interesting...I'll check the site. :)

PaJAY said...

pano to parekoy?