Sunday, February 8, 2009

Love 'em: my tea obsession

It’s six o’clock in the morning and the city’s starting to get busy but at my pad I could still feel the serene chilly breeze of the granite floor. I used to drink coffee to get on my way and to set my nerves for the demanding sunlight hours but then I just had a change of heart, just lately when I discovered the calming effect and the tannic waking up sensation of tea at one fell swoop. I already made a post about tea and I talked about my first palate tea experience and how I became so into it. The effect is really systemic, catching, and intense craving. From a frappacapadoodah obsession to a “cup-of-tea” habit, a beautiful twist of darling. So I may say that tea has been a part of my life. My friend from UK firstly thought that I came from England because of my “cup-of-tea” habit – lmao, just hope so. My pal from Dubai made the same mistake of “I thought you were from place” on our fist time encounter because even the Middle East local tea brand is well-known to me. Well, I guess I just love nipping the variety of teas. My palate and other senses have evolved from a plain tea drinker to a more sensitive and positive reception in tea drinking. Though I know that the flavors that came in contact with my sensation were just a fractional unit of the diverse tea flavor infusions, I still feel lucky for taking part in the bliss of tea life. The wide-ranging tea relish; from the products of Chinese with their historical oolong up to the healthful infusion of Korean ginseng, from the golden tea of Ceylon up to the radea of Arabia, from the brands of Lipton, Twinings up to East Indian and Steep, from flower to fruits infusions, and from tannic to serene aromatic tea upshot. Every sip is a unique experience because tea has a lot of surprises and distinctive types of satisfaction to offer. And here are my three newest tea brands: Steuarts, Golden Leaf, and Lyons. Steuarts Ceylon tea will never fail you to witness the original “golden tea”; it’s really heaven to look at and of course to go through with your senses. The Golden Leaf Mint Tea is without equal to other mint and peppermint infusions, it lingers all the way through your throat and appetite. And the Lyons English Breakfast tea has the unique simplicity that in certainly you’ll ask for more.

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Anonymous said...

aba magkakasundo kayo ni hubby nyan, adik yun sa tsaa hehehe.. oiiist silipin mo yung tag ko sayo, am sure, u'll like to do it..

hey, miss ta ka na hehehe.. haloy kang nawara hayyyy..

Marites said...

hm.m..i'm thinking of minimizing my coffee addiction and perhaps, the tea could help.

btw, i got an award for you here

Anonymous said...

Sunny, i love tea, and speaking of which I am a little more a tea-drinker now than a coffee-addict. I love Jasmine tea... and Lipton's got the best jasmine tea I have ever tasted.

Amorgatory said...

wew!!i love tea!!!forever!!

Anonymous said...

welcome back sunny!

there are two things i don't drink but wish i did: coffee and tea.

have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I'm a coffee addict. I really dont drink tea but I guess after reading this entry, I'll give it a try.

Anonymous said...

i wanted to shift from coffee to tea! it's been having a negative effect on me, so i may try your recommended teas. :)

Anonymous said...

@ ryliej, thanks for the tag! busyness in life,hehehehehe! missed u kabayan!

@ marites, yep u betta try tea! twinings and gold leaf!

@ sheng, iv tasted Chinese jasmine, it's very aromatic! try peppermint or peach infusion! sarap!

@ amor, tara tagay na!lolz

@ kg, ahahahaha KG, thanks for droppin by! try mo!

@ jeanny, yep, give it a try! thanks for the hop!

@ mordsith, yep! a coffee addict before but then i realized how much neg load it gives to my nerves.....thanks for the drop bud!