Monday, May 26, 2008

a pieace of art: bond

Isn’t funny how we became close to each other?
It makes me wonder, makes me laugh and smile, and makes me tremble
How it keeps me alive in the dead of the night
How it opens my eyes with a jumping heart for another conversation
Isn’t funny how these people get to know each other in this virtual world
How these people get connected considering the vast diversity, the individual flaws, and the opposing perspectives
Isn’t wonderful? Isn’t cute?
Isn’t the thing we called friendship?

I wonder how many people we see on the streets, we meet on public places, whom we barely speak, or just even say hello. I wonder why some people are very reluctant, hesitant, and mingy with pleasing words. I wonder why we keep these feelings to ourselves. I wonder why we are sacred to disclose our feelings. I wonder.

But I’ve just learned that there are no strangers, only friends we haven’t met yet.And I was bit surprised when I saw this one piece of art from my chat mate’s (let me say, friend’s) FS (friendster) account. So cool.
Though I put a fence on my ground to out lie myself (for I had the feeling of “I don’t belong”), this doodle art work made me realize with sublime understanding that having friends wasn’t that difficult.

This is cute...


pappy said...

hope i can join in ur cicle of frens.. u ol seemed to be very happy..

hi sunny!i like ur sense of humour esp when it stimulates my freudian charcter.. ahihi



nice post


cno kea gumawa nun crossword?


perioperativenurse said...

galing galing talaga ni ira ;)
very artistic!
2 thumbs up!