Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Love letters: part1

15th of July 2001*

My dearest Cassandra*,

Cassandra thank you for the time you spent with me. It was a nice moment walking and talking with you again under the same trees that enveloped and witnessed our first time encounter. It's the same crisp of summer breeze and the shady silhouette view on the first time i saw you sitting on the bench and reading your Anne Frank novel. I remember, you told me to read that book too but i have to confess, i left it behind my thoughts unintentionally. Hope that won't make you sad because i know you're a book lover and you're the one who influenced me to read as well. By the way, you look awesome with your red dress, It reminds of your red embroidered ribbon that you wore on...that was July 15th,yes! 5 years have transpired already yet the cosmos are still the same. The tress, the pavement, and even the grass. But there's one thing that has changed Cassandra, the warmth of your palms. It's never like before. The ardent warmth is gone and i missed it a very great deal. Cassandra, I am really sorry for the distance that i made with you for 3 years. I know, it was my fault. Sorry for i never explained it well but on last the last we met, i was in my full courage to disclose everything but i know you were busy clearing out things so i decided not to spill it out ...But it's an amiable reason for me to make another letter. I missed you so much Cassandra. Take care of your health and don't forget to take your vitamins and as i always remind you, get enough sleep. Til' my next letter Cassandra. Take care!

Hugs and Kisses,

15th of July 1996+

Dear Sunny,

I had fun Sunny, I never expected that you would be nice to me. You look funny with your unkempt hair but you managed to impress me well. You're very different at school. I thought that you're going to bully me but you acted so manly today. Thanks for the flowers that you gave to me, they're so nice and lovely. High school time is over and i regret that we became friends at this closing time...Anyways, hope to see you tomorrow. Same time. Same place.
Take care.


Dec 19988*

Dear my Sweetest Sunny,

*fictitious data

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