Sunday, May 25, 2008

rip my face off 2: with the hotties


The dolly parton(with the overly done makeup not the chesty char.) receptionist came to me and took an obsessive check (not the homosexual-sounding phrase)on my face and made this morbid remark "ehm, dame mong pimples, di ka pwede diamond peel, tignan mo (pointing her finger to a retarded esthetician for a shitty regard), sheesh! she made fun of the fuck out of me. Then she made a check(the homosexual-sounding phrase), "blackheads, check, white heads, check,scars, check" check check...".Okay facial (not the shoot,dunk,or any filthy gestures) na lang. "Gloria facial dito" shouted ursula (the receptionist with the overly done makeup just to hide the blemishes on her face). Gloria assisted me to the bed and she turned on the music player in the air of instrumental pang-romansang music. The first step was the facial massage and scrub followed by a steam vapor. Wow, life! very soothing! a very good bedabble moment! But when Gloria started the comadones extraction, Ouchiewatamie! Pain to the 10th power, it was a stupid stingy feeling, mama 1, 2, 3, i need help,lol. That was very painful! Then a light beam was administered to my face followed by the usual lengthy facial steps.
While i was relaxing with a cold mask on my face, i heard muttering bees. I took a peak to those bees (extending my lids so hard for there was an eye cover), wow! prettylicious - porcelain skin,wavy-long hair,perfect smile, and the over-all hotness. Really bedabble moment, the two hotties were next to my bed, so i had the chance to re-examine their figures bit by bit. Oh lala, my mind was going uber crazy, wonderland! wonderland! "you want love? We'll make it, swimming a deep sea of blankets...take all your big plans and break 'em. This is bound to be a while. Your body is a wonder (I'll use my hands)" but my overwhelming sexual desire was stopped when Gloria hushed "ngpatransplant n yan.." waaaaaaaaahhhh!shocked-to-death, it's like i was drenched by a supercooled water. "Damn baby you frustrate me, I know you're mine all mine all mine but you look so good it hurts sometimes",lol. I need to confirm it (sayang naman), i listened to their hush hush talks "dadating na papa ko kaya kelangan ko ng facial tsaka pedicure". waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Pero sa toto babaeng babae ung dalawa.waaaaaaaaaah...mas maganda pa nga sa babae pero chicharong bulaklak

morale: review your nursing assessment,the subj and obj cues, the head-to-toe exam...etc.

tulog muna...

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