Wednesday, June 25, 2008

stomach-turning fast food meals...

"You are what you eat" the popular maxim that was running thru my mind while I was crunching up the Greenwich foods.

It's an outraged counter when I first saw the TV ad of Greenwich about their pizza overload and now I am damn raw frustrated about their madness meals. It’s annoying that their meals look so delicious on TV ad but in reality, it's bad, bad, bad, lol...and it’s nauseating (with vomitus exploding)on how the TV ad tries to deceive our palates with colorful and digitally edited products.
It was just a month ago when I dumped my 100 bucks for Greenwich pizza parlor’s food. I was on a rush along the recto avenue when my tummy called for a break, there were only 120 pesos left on my wallet and I havn't had a meal yet so I looked up for a cheappy food chain that would satisfy my scanty budget. I landed on Greenwich esetan food chain outlet and I took the back/side door of the pizza parlor. Jeez, I was staggered looking at the dumped floor with filthy black greases in between the tiles ,haiz! but okay, I just calmed down and just assumed that that's the oldest food chain of Greenwich (lame). I took my order in a queue and went to the washroom to fix myself before choosing my table. Kablam! It was a filthy washroom with no soap, no tissue, and with a broken faucet. Therefore, if you would want to clean up yourself, you ought to go to the filthy restroom. Jeez!…Never mind, too gross to describe. I just looked for a table and waited for my food. I inferred that it’s a fast food chain but it took an epoch before I received my meal. A hundred peso meal (92 to be exact,lol), well fair enough, but the hell when I came up with my meal, it grossed me out. It was entirely different from the picture shown on the counter. The sides of the 6”x3” pizza were burnt and the toppings (and the think mozzarella) bared on the picture were lacking on the real pizzerita. The spaghetti was hopeless with unsavory sauce and the 3-tablespoon macaroni salad was dull and garish. And the most stomach-turning food was the fried chicken, it’s not well done and appeared to be the chicken from China infected with flu.
Lastly, I enjoyed watching the flies dancing on the table.

N.B. This isn’t an exaggeration. See it for yourself. I’ve been to SM Sta. Mesa Greenwich outlet too and the situation was the same.

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