Saturday, August 23, 2008


I was still hanging on my dreams when my niece went beside me on the couch.

Stay: Tito, wake up, wake up, uyy
Sunny: Urghhh, I’m still sleepy ate
Stay: hmmm…Do you dream?
Sunny: Yeah
Stay: like?
Sunny: Anything
Stay: Mine, uhm...monsters, spiders. Scarrry!!!
Sunny: I’m dreaming sweet ate, kilig to(love shiver). So I need to go back to my sleep
Stay: Tito, ako pag maganda dream ko, I think of it kahit sa school, kahit bukas eyes ko, basta inisip ko lang sobra.
Sunny: chuckles, let’s dream ate.


Anonymous said...

Wish ko lang pre mapanaginipan mo yung babae sa the ring, hahaha..blee

Anonymous said...

kung ikaw nasa dream ko....
malamang BANGUNGOT na ito! lol

sunny said...

pre loko ka!

miss_dibly said...

nice.. you call your neice "ate". just like how my mother address me. sweet!

Amorgatory said...

wakak eto nnman si anonymous humataw nanaman, buhay kapa pala?wakakak..