Saturday, August 23, 2008


Martial Arts are systems of codified practices and traditions of training for combat.

I once had an opportunity to kick someone’s ass(es). It was during my high school days, my summer activity, Taekwondo (aside from biking and badminton), trying to boost my sporty side ahah. It’s really fun jolting bumps into the so-called sacred combat zone, shouting “hiyeah, hayooo, shoo,oooh, hhh” while giving your best forty-five kick, round house, front and side kicks and the funky punches. Everything looked like and felt like the Bruce Lee’s dragon movies.
It was always a mix of thrill and nerves whenever I’d have a sparing. You wouldn’t know your next opponent, if it were larger, stronger, and brutally addict than you were. As a busybody, I always made it to attend every sparing game and spared my golden time during lectures, got bored during the blah blah and c. The worst thing that happened to me was when my opponent’s foot directly banged into my mouth and went through my oral cavity. That was gross, feeling his filthy toenails scratching my oral mucosa with the dirt and sand surcharging my saliva. Eeek,lol. Of course, my reflex reaction was to split out. Dammit, I received 30 knuckle push-ups by getting off the filth on my mouth. One memorable fight was with my friend’s suitor. I was really on the nerve to put his ass on the ground. Hit and combo hits. Then our coach or master (master-bater), yelled KALYO, that didn’t register to my thoughts and it’s impossible to happen. KALYO yelled our master (bater) again. The thought that came in to me was the calluses on my feet so I continued kicking my opponent’s ass until our coach, the master (bater) stepped into the battlefield and stopped our sparing fight. “Didn’t I tell you to stop?” said my coach in a tiger-look stare with me. Kalyo = Break. Again, I received 30 knuckle push-ups, the payoff of not attending the lectures. This is my story in martial arts, the belt isn’t an issue anymore, don’t bother to ask.

Here’s one martial arts that’s gaining popularity at this instant (in my world),
yaw-yan. Sample vid
here. Sasali ako,lol.

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