Tuesday, August 26, 2008

pet petting pet

Here are my pets, yeah pets...the animals but humans are still possible to be my pet for my petting pet time.
okay, he's not a chihuahua dog, okay...Jeez not Paris,obviously she's not a dog but ya' know, as we all know, she could act like a b*** , dog, ah never mind. Meet my dog, YUGI. He's actually a gift from my friend on college. His mum, yugi's mum, was a pure breed japanese spitz but his dad was a filthy askal, so no wonder where yugi got his look. But he's really smart. I remember he's only two weeks old when he was given to me, i bought him a bottle feeding, saucer,and dog fod (which is very expensive, expensive). Everytime i'd go to store to buy him food, there's always a hesitation "sana bumuli n lang ako ng tinapay",lol. But yugi's loyalty is awesome. He's smart, as i said and very caring...I even made a bed for him, a pup's bed....he's such a nice pup.

Take a closer look to yugi not to the filthy background. ISnt he cute? adorable? He is! lol...

Here's my second pet, birdie...Not the cats, okay...He's a parrot, abviously. If yugi is caring this creature is very intelligent. Birdie say "panget, hello, how are you?" good boy. Btw, i hate cats, yeah cats but the other term for them, i love it, a lot.

birdie's on the tarpaulin. You rock!lol.


Chubskulit Rose said...

Post mo kaya dito ung girl that ur inloe with instead of Paris Hilton lol! I bet mas maganda!

Amorgatory said...

uwo nga pre agree ako kay chubskulits, post post post!!!hi beerdie hahah, just call me beerdie wahhah..lol

miss_dibly said...

love love pets! ;)

sunny said...

everyone is loveable,lol..
im in love with chubs, with amor and with OR...lol...haroo! haroo!!! many thanks!