Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bumming around

Ever heard of HK noodles?
How about Nomimono Kokonattsu series?
Never? Here it is guys, my "bumming around" at Robinson Ortigas.

Going out is never complete without binging into a variety of food. But for a bum on walk, it is quite different, quite difficult. Budget is the major determinant of choosing the right food; your palate's choice is just secondary. After browsing some books at National Bookstore, I started surveying the fast foods at the food court that offer good food at very reasonable price. PhotobucketThe first thing that I noticed was the queue on a small food stall, it's HK noodles. “HK (stands for Hong Kong) style noodles” provides a real fast food at a very practical value. At 26 pesos, you can already have a beef or pork noodles. The serving is composed of oriental noodles and toge(mongo srpout), cooked lightly that gives the crunchy texture. One exciting scheme of HK noodles is their assortment of sauces that will definitely suit to the diverse customer choices. Some of these sauces are teriyaki, oyster, soy, garlic, chili and other oriental seasonings. The way of serving, which is in a disposable cups plus a chopstick, is suited for those who are in a hurry and broke. I had a beef noodle with teriyaki sauce and chili. Sumptuous!
For the drinks,Photobucket I spotted an appealing fruit juice stall at the 3rd level of the mall called Nomimono (refreshment). It has variety of fruit juices served in different ways - aloe, kokonattsu, fusion. The name of the store is quite hard to pronounce as well as the names of their juices; it's because of the store's origin - Japan. Honeydew is their bestseller but I chose mango-lychee fusion. It's a 3-layer fruit shake with aloe and fruit pulps: the bottom part has the sweetest syrupy taste and the softest texture- the aloe, the second layer has the natural flavor of lychee and fiber texture –the pulp, and the top most layers has chunks of mango and pieces of lychee. It’s really refreshing. Til’ next time guys, gtg.


Amorgatory said...

amf!ang sarafffff!!pwde pati pinggan lamunin ko na din?nyahahah!!gutom ako ahuhuh

miss_dibly said...

hmmm.. may ganyan sa school ah, di ko pa na try.. masubukan nga minsan. hehe!

parang type ko ung shake... hmmm.. ako din amor, ginutom. lol

sunny said...

Or try mo minsan..wahehehhe! okay nmn basta inde lang!

Chubskulit Rose said...

looks like pancit canton lol.. mata na ako, di makatulog.. my lil' girl is still sick, we're gonna bring her to the hospital today.. thanks for the prayer!

darkhorse said...

matindi ka Sun lam mo kung ano masarap...waaaaaa....gutoms!

edelweiza said...

i love HK noodles with's very cheap at P25. :)