Monday, September 22, 2008



I travelled million terrains
And I was ditched in a pit of loss
I went through lush foliage and stones
And I was scratched by a dozen thorns

Then I saw this rose
In a barbed, grassland woods
Crowded by others but I managed to focus
Because I was caught

And now two-way directions colliding
So far yet so near
So near to imagine
So far to reach then

Words are fine
Moves in silent shine
Stare that flashes million signs
So fragile, so fine

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Chubskulit Rose said...

left u comments dun sa kabila..

sunny said...

thnks ckulit sa pagbisita sa add n kita dun! wahehehe!

darkhorse said...

Sun...pede ko ba e dedicate tong poem mo sa kakilala ko? - mabagsik eh! para sa ganun di na ako gagawa sasabihin ko na lang - yun ginawa ni SUnny para sa yo

sunny said...

Dh problemo,lol...