Friday, September 5, 2008

haroo! haroo!

Many thanks chubs for this award....haroo! haroo!!!

1.Put the logo on your blog.2.Add a link to the person who awarded you.3.Nominate blogs that you think is brilliant and put the reason why 4.Add links to those blogs on your blog 5.Leave a message for your nominee on their blog. I am passing this award to 1. OR for being so nice to me - my sounding board. Thank you for spending your precious time with me; the ym games,doodle arts, chat til dawn...and c...many thanks! 2. amor, thanks pre for all the help and the asteeg moments with ya' You're 1-of-a-kind pare! 3. shec and yuna for your genuine friendships 4. chubs - uragon! many thanks!


miss_dibly said...

thanks! dami ko ng award from you sun. hehe! (hug)

Amorgatory said...

pre diamonds are poreber, waakka, may gold nkow tapos diamond nanaman,kaw papatayuan kow monumento wahihihi..tenchu pare!ROCK ON!!GV KA PALA VC SA NEW BLOG KO HA.