Friday, September 5, 2008

bumming around:1st day

Hey guys, I was pretty busy during the past few days doing a lot of things – bumming around; to kill time and to feel, for at least once again, the busyness of life.

Day1: Mickey sent me a text message to meet up just to unwind from the hassle of boredom. We met up at Rob. Galle’ and we were dense on how to spend the whole day. We had an ice cream on cone plus a box of Marlboro blue lights (our fave for the moment) while thinking the best place to be. After few cigarette butts had flicked out, we decided to go to Mall of Asia. We took train and jeepney to get there and it was a very tedious ride. We immediately searched for a good place to salvage our starving tummies. The chase took about 30mins –weighing down the costs against the scarce resources. Italian resto was the first to be eliminated from our list – out of budget. Chinese was scratched out for we both don’t like eating with sticks. Mexican never occurred in our thoughts while Jap’s not a choice of our palate. We ended up to Kenny, affordable yet delectable. We both had a plate of healthy salad, chicken delicious-oh, mixed veggies, and grilled yummy burgers. Great burger – as always, delicious-oh, yum yum! After wolfing out the sumptuous meal, we decided to take a walk in the stretch of Bay Walk. We could not ever think of off the wall goofing around so we just had a sentimental reminiscing. How! How! the carabao!
How Borgee was so insecure with her life that even a simple criticism would definitely ignite her mood -it will definitely kill you! haroo!
How woody spent his whole school life scooting to a girl who just broke his heart and ended up to a sentimental blue during every drinking session - love hurts, it cuts like a knife,lol.
How Dan survived nursing field knowing he just shifted from engineering course and how he managed to give up the American life - flexibility in life.
How Johnnie got hook with demure, sophisticated, difficult Raffy. And how the world turned upside down wherein it was Raffy whose scooting Johnny - it's about jerjer, i guess.
How Elay became so insensitive and kind (or dumb) to her best friend’s evil plan of hooking with her boyfriend - the snake you feed is the same snake that will bite you because that's a snake,lol.
Hoy Jaime survived his life after flunking the school and the death of her mum - when going gets tough, the tough gets goin'.

School life – full of stories and it’s always nice to refresh the goodie memory.


Cryptomillions said...

tsaalaaap yata nung food ah. hehe.

miss_dibly said...

school life.. uhu.. problematic esp. now... haiz