Thursday, September 11, 2008


The blue roses fill my room
Drops of scarlet red
From my heart's tear

The thorny stems that
Keep on enclosing me
Embracing the moment
Until I retire and die

The tip of your finger
Lingers on my face
Brushing down my loneliness
And watering my parched heart

But the rushing air
Sweeps us away
Loosens our tender grip
And the silhouette of love fades


Chubskulit Rose said...

naks naman talaga si kabayang balagtas lol. smukhang inspired na inspired ka to write poetries hehehe.

Oiiii paalis naman ng word verification mo, lagi na lang mali natatype kong letters sucks...

Anonymous said...

ang sweeet nito ;)

ahihi ckulit, buti nlang ininform mo ako abt word verification hehe,naalis ko na. ;)

ganda ng poem!

miss_dibly said...

I am seated in front of the room when I opened your blog while my class is preparing for their quiz.. I am really hoping that they didn't saw my reaction upon seeing the attached picture. My eyes glared up... literally! I felt as if my heartbeat has stopped. *lubb dubb lubb............. dubb lubb dubb* The thought of arranging those petals was ohh so heart melting.. Don’t worry Sun, OR’s always by your side.. always!

hugs n kisses, OR

sunny said...

chulit -ala n word verification- lol...salamat madi!

lovely - thanks,wahehehehe! bangag ata ko ng nasulat ko yan! di ko maget meaning eh.

OR - "...."

Anonymous said...

ang twet twet, wahihi..pre pinitas mo nanaman ang mga rosas ni aling maring!hahahah