Monday, December 1, 2008


December One, the first day of jingle bells Christmas month. Okay, for today lets talk about something light, something interesting both for kiddoes and for adults who are not sexually active.
Tadah, the magical treats of


Oh gee, I’m a certified chocoholic, an addiction –“Once you consume chocolate, chocolate will consume you”. And sometimes chocolate is better than sex. Dr. Ruth Westheimer says that “the taste of chocolate is a sensual pleasure in itself, existing in the same world as sex... For myself, I can enjoy the wicked pleasure of chocolate... entirely by myself. Furtiveness makes it better”

So before we talk about the interesting tidbits about Choc-ohh-late, lets review these facts:
First and foremost, you gotta know that

Chocolate is a Vegetable

, believe or not,


Where does chocolate come from? Actually, it DOES grow on trees. It all starts with a small tropical tree, the Theobroma cacao, usually called simply, "cacao." (Pronounced ka-KOW. Theobroma is Greek for "food of the gods.")
What are the health benefits of chocolates? Many, many!!! According to Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, if one swallows a cup of chocolate only three hours after a copious lunch, everything will be perfectly digested and there will still be room for dinner. It’s

good for digestion

Some says that a nice box of chocolates can provide your total daily intake of calories in one place. Now, isn't that handy? So it’s an

instant energy supplier

Chocolate causes certain endocrine glands to secrete hormones that affect your feelings and behavior by making you happy. Therefore, it counteracts depression, in turn reducing the stress of depression. Your stress-free life helps you maintain a youthful disposition, both physically and mentally. Meaning to say, Chocolate is an


Here’s one great news that I’ve learned about chocolate, way back high school, the mighty power of chocolates - Scientists have proven that dark chocolate has the same type of




rich foods such as green tea, red fruits and vegetables, and red wine do. High blood levels of flavonoids contribute to good cardiovascular health and may lower the risk of heart disease and certain cancers. Nutritionists are quick to point out, though, that the antioxidant benefits of a bar of chocolate can be achieved with far fewer calories by having steamed vegetables or a cup of green tea instead. See? But later on, I’ve read that proteins deactivate/alter the function of flavonoids as antioxidant, so it’s recommended to eat

BLACK Chocolate

Got it buddies? Weeeeeeeeee…..

Before I say goodbye, lemme tell you this gossip, Did you hear about the affair between Mr. Goodbar and Peppermint Patty? They had a baby, Ruth.

And with the reliable statistics:
“A new British survey has revealed that 9 out of 10 people like Chocolate. The tenth lies.”

And with this inspiring quote:
Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands - and then eat just one of the pieces

Oppsie, before you indulge yourself with bon bon, drop a gift for me amigo!!!

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Kosa said...

ako ang una..
oo nga chocoalte na yan pampasigla.. at parang drugs din yan na nakakaddict..

Maus said...

cute naman ng gift mo dito...
nice idea sun---
okey padaan ulit
merry xmas at magaroling na ako now!wahh

sunny said...

yep kosa, it's addictinglol...wahahahahah! once u consume choc-ohh-late, it will consume you,lol

Anonymous said...

maus thanks for droppin by....di ako mkblog hop kanina,hehehehe! sure carolln tau,heheheheheh!

miss_dibly said...

bat ba di ko makita ung mga xmas tree nyo? invi mode sila lagi. kainis naman...

sunny said...

ay bulag,lol! peace out! aalamin naten mam OR!

miss_dibly said...

kailangan ko pa gumamit ng proxy para makita yang xmas tree na yan ah. tsk...
sige sun, magwowork ako ngaun, kaya kaw muna umalam bat ayaw mag load ng puno mo. tnx

Anonymous said...

I love chocolates, my heroine... haha, I just can't stop loving this thing, as in, I dunno why, I am so addicted to this!

Anonymous said...

Or try q alamin,lol! ingt sa work!

sunny said...

sheng, it's very addicting,ahhahahaha!

Anonymous said...

yeah nakakita nako ng cacao..

sunny said...

ako rin emben,hehehehe! tried to wolf it out p nga eh!!!!!!!!lol!

faye said...

hi sun
thanks for the info!!
dami nun ha...very good ka talaga.
padaan ulit.

eva said...

hmmnn....i love chocolates.

miss_dibly said...

cacao fruit.. yum yum yun.. nakaka kain ako nun pag nasa province. haiz.. miss ko na un ah.
24/7 alive= sUN ?
na figure out mo na ba sun kun bat ayaw mag appear ng tree?

Anonymous said...

i am not into chocos pero dahil sa post mo mukhang peyborit ko na ang chocolate. hehe.

sunny said...

faye , salamt,hehehehehe! mejo busy ng konte di mkpost ,hehehehe!

Anonymous said...

eva, thanks for droppin by...yum chocolates....

Anonymous said...

nope or, am not sunny,lol

miss_dibly said...

@ 24/7

lol ka 24/7. ok na sana eh.. mapapaniwala mo na ko, kaso nga lang, same yung time ng pag post "nyo" ni "sUN". lol

3:33pm ah.. :P

Anonymous said...

ay naku OR, bahala ka,lol!

miss_dibly said...

oo nga.. bhla na ko