Monday, October 19, 2009


Back in my elementary grades whenever there’s someone who'd ask me about my favorite subject, my favorite answer was -“RECESS”. Recess would mean a trip to canteen to buy ice candy, a chase around the trees, a treat by eating gummy bears and cry baby and a lot more of taking advantage the15 minutes by running around the playground regardless the blaze of sun.

When body hair started to grow and crushes became the mainstream in life, this event was then called BREAK-TIME. It was a perfect fleeting time to sight-see my dearly schoolmates and a time for giggles for the sweet hi-hello encounters, a gossip occasion, a boastful incident – flirting.

Then books started to file up into my desks and thesis writing suggested a more serious life. The break-time then evolved to TIME-OUT. It’s a spell-breaker to the monotony of my traditional professors who assumed to be genius and to my exhausting vacant stare at the white board assuming that I fully understood the x and y equations.

And now the 15-min becomes the most valuable thing for me, and I now call it REST. It’s a time to rest my feet from walking here and there from attending my client needs and to feed my hungry tummy. It’s a rest from my draining ten hours of work.

Everyone needs a recess, a break, a time-out, a rest.

A vacation leave from work

A semester’s break at school

A stop-over from a long trip

A commercial break for soaps

A contraceptive holiday

Everyone needs it…

Even in LOVE.

When you asked me if I still love you, I didn’t say no. I said nothing.
When you asked me again, my reply was, “It’s not easy to fall out in love”
What I really wanted and what we really need is a recess, a break, a time-out, a rest.

…A recess for us to enjoy eating gummy bears alone while reminiscing the dinner we had.

…A break-time for us to see the world beyond our hugs and to have a sight-see, like a walk in the park during idle Sundays.

…A time-out for our arguments and misunderstandings for us to enjoy the harmony in our differences.

…A rest for us to reexamine and reassess our relationship.

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kg said...

wow! ang lalim mo talaga sunny! yes, i believe that even in relationships (di lang sa romantic relationship), people need a break from each other. after all, we are still individuals who need to nurture ourselves. :)

ika nga ng kanta:
Everybody needs a little time away
I've heard her say
From each other
Even lovers need a holiday
Far away from each other


Anonymous said...

I agree, not everyone is made of steel..were only human..we also need a break..from a very hard day's of work and relationships that sometimes take too much of your time and rest..lay your head on your pillow and let your mind at ease and relax your body and have a nice sleep..hope your mind is stillup fora good dream..t.c

Anonymous said...
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sunny said...

@ kg, strongly agree KG, we are still individuals who need to nurture ourselves..many thanks!

@anonymous, many thanks for ur visit...hope to see ya agen...

Xprosaic said...

Ahahahhahahahhaha... hmmm.. pwede! jijijijijiji... uso pa rin pala ang cool off?! jowk! jijijijijiji... Dalawa lang yan either a YES or a NO... jijijijijiji... yang in between most likely nagfofrolick ka lang sa sun... u know... jijijijijiji

patola said...

tama tama... hehehe.... kahit sa pag love, kailangan din ng rest.. hehehe...

...Hold me now
It’s hard for me to say I’m sorry
I just want you to stay

nakikanta lang.. hehehe...isipin nalang natin kung walang rest ang pag love, edi stress na yung heart mo... hihi

Xprosaic said...

Tuloy ang kantahan...

"and after all that we've been through,
i will make it up to you,
I promise you... baby"

Hahahhahahah... o sino na susunod?! jijijijiji

darkhorse said...

ok n ok sa sound tripping match n match sa topic! kpag nag holiday ka pede pkisama ako hahaha...oist cno si anony dba si ano yan? hahaha tc!

sunny said...

@ patola, me punto ka, baka mgka heart failure pa diba?

@ xprosaic, anong frolick yan? lolz!

@ dh, sure Dh basa all expense by you,lolz! inde yan si ano, si ano tlga deadma ako,lolz! bwahehehee!

darkhorse said...

akala ko si ano si anony tsk! iba pala? malamang si ano yan dba? uu nga eh, deadma deadmahan nlng - sna ok lng si ano...snu nba pinag uusapan natin? hahahaha tc! work work ulit hahaha!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

ang sarap naman balik balikan ang nakaraan...
waaaah gummy bears and cry baby hahha..naalala ko pa yan nung elementary hehe...
crush hahaa...kinikilig pa ako nun pag nakikita ko crush ko...pero shy girl ako nun.ehehhe..

yep, kailangan natin talaga magbakasyon para naman di mastress...

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hahahaha kakatawa naman ang kantahan dito Kabs heheh puro singers ang readers and friends mo hehehe...

spiky said...

it is nice you have control over love. just like moderating comments.

pero nakakapagod ang work mo ah, quinse minuto lang ang break. wag gutumin ang mga bulate ah? (pasintabi lng po)hehehehe

sunny said...

@ merly, yup vacation leave tlga dapat! gummy bears and cry baby, missed them much!

@ chubs, ahahaha sing with us kabayan!

@ spiky, control? whos in control? anyhoo, yup for pete's sake nakakagutom tlga!

holydivine said...

you have a point but i dont agree with it,,, maybe its just really not meant to be,,, take it from me someone involved in an 8 yr relationship,,, life is too short to take breaks from love,,,