Friday, July 25, 2008


For the nth time of my life, I have this feeling again, (_)that makes a funny smash to my tummy. The excitement is there, present and jumping. And it is giggling. The word missing you has awakened after its long hibernation. However, one thing has cracked me up. Am I ready to get hurt again? Yes, I am, I guess. Nevertheless, I do not want her to cry, to get hurt just because of me. She is fragile. She is mine. It is a struggle for my heart knowing that she belongs to me, in my thoughts but not in the real world. What if she has the same feelings for me?
Is my conscious thought has taken over the direction of my life. Am I starting to numb myself again? Or I am just a selfish animal.
I guess…I am a coward and a selfish animal!


Anonymous said...

nyahah, are u a meow meow?9 eh, lolx..nywas pre weeeeeee!!you're in lab!hakhkahkhak

miss_dibly said...

i love your mushy posts. hehe

miss_dibly said...

it makes me remember how lovefool I'd become when i was young(er).