Monday, August 4, 2008

is it true?

What do men like about FHM?
Is it the dose of educational substance on it? (Nods)
Or the sex tips? (big grin)
Or the sultry pictures (pants like a dog with tongue out and drooling)
Or maybe the ladies confession, bar jokes, and the true stories (maybe)

All right!
To tell the truth, buying an FHM mag isn’t my hobby. I’d rather buy an old, rotten, and dust-smelly 25 pesoseses book on sale. But my sister has ample issues of FHM that i used to gobble before (phony). Anyways, why am I taking time to write about FHM for the fact that I hate sultry images (another hypocrisy).
Okay, I was at the mall last Sunday when a friend (can’t find the right term, but for the stuff that he did, I might consider calling him one, for the moment) of mine sent me this text message “tol grab a copy, andun na”. I knew what he meant by that. Then, another text message from a friend (can’t find the right term too) saying the same thought. All right! Was it a good reason for me to sprint to the nearest bookstore? Yeah, valid with an inch point, I did run. I browsed the shelves and finally got the mag. I opened the freshly displayed FHM Aug. issue. Whoa! It was there. Well, I felt a sudden thrill. My filthy experience was there, hard copy, and circulating around PI.

Well, is it a good reason for me to buy FHM?

nah! Its too expensive, a slash on my wallet. lol.
What can I say, baka (not the jap word),dude, thumbs up!nakakatuwa rin,lol.


Anonymous said...

mas mganda ung previous issue,lol..nyahaha! yyko k kristel wakakk, ingat lage pre!

miss_dibly said...

still, it's worth it!.. nice escapade! lol

Anonymous said...

pre thanks sa comment ha, wahaha,miss kana daw ni shec nagtext sakin eh, hahaha, anu ung sabi nya may article ka daw s fhm?lol, bbili ako bukas wakokoks, kht yaw ko k kristel,nyahahah!!nallesbo nkow wahahah.