Monday, August 4, 2008

silence is...

She talks
He talks
They talk
A lot
Thoughtless thoughts
But what I need is only a seven-letter word
Silence. Period.

Silence is the comfort of not saying a single word but you know that you’re understood. It’s like sitting on the couch with your best friend. You read a book while sipping a pot of coffee and then she’s there flipping the pages of her favorite chic magazine while drinking her favorite chamomile tea. You both enjoy the presence of each other while drifting to your own distinct world. It is the comfort of silence, the feeling of security without uttering a single word.

Another example of silence is the aftermath of skirmish. Instead of throwing the hot potato and cursing the hell out of you, you prefer to keep still and let your heart speak for you. And then after a while, you reach out and tap the person’s shoulder, the relief of load without uttering a single word.

Sometimes I really wonder why some persons get too surprised when you avail yourself the comfort of silence. Is it forbidden? It is unusual. Only few could take pleasure in silence.

Silence isn’t just the mere absence of noise.
You could find silence even in the busiest street.
Silence is like music, a lullaby that sways your soul inward.
Silence isn’t unheeding.
Silence lets you hear the clandestine
The slightest tough
The heartbeat
The blow of the wind
The dance of the droplets
Anything beyond the human senses
Silence isn’t black, white, blank or bland
Silence is vibrant just like the rainbow that ends in the pot of comfort
Silence isn’t apathy
Silence communicates further than the mouth’s ability
Silence isn’t confined, not boxed in your world.
Silence imbues everything, even the hardest heart.
It is comfort, security, relief, and
Silence is a submission of sincere heart


miss_dibly said...

very well said.

faye said...

good post buddy, im a silent person when im not on the mood, like lestining music thats my life rather than going out and mapapagod ka lang ....