Friday, May 23, 2008

singer, songster, songstress...

last night i was invited to a voice conference @ym. The room was full of cranky, talkative monkeys and the situation summoned a proactive conversation,lol. I was a lil bit baffled (for a i was a newbie and ya know', an introvert person)and it seemed that i was caught in a busy, strangers' land,lol. I really had nothing to talk about (though id really love to join the convo) i just observed them the yahooing(a verb used for people talking on yahoo)went on, i was rolling on the floor laughing because of their cooky voices,lol.

Bruno: so twangy with her excessive nasality, lol. She said that it was a bedroom voice (woooo...spooky room!)."Tuloy ba shh...shh tayo shhhshh Ehhbsshh", now i know what ipis boses is...(madagascar hissing cockroach)My comment: You need a voice coach,

nene hunter: Louis Armstrong-type voice,lol. He strongly claimed that it was a "pang-romansa" voice. 'Ahnoh ahhIrah? Cuhmm k n bahhh?", his voice was like coming from a toothless dirty old man(seriously).My comment: Consult a laryngologist, you may need an immediate surgery.

the infamous queen: What a rough voice!!! Bumpy and very irregular (sounded like his vocal folds were unsynchronized). "Trinooooomaaah"(again, one more that you ad infinitum Kris Aquino?),the best word that i'v heard that night, with irregular phonation beats with subharmonics modulations, lol. My comment: Does a chimp has the analytical ability that tells him when to keep quiet?

the frigid: well, i love her voice. It's very resonant, she uttered every word glamorously...(no biases pls...)My comment: Salute you!!!

swine singer: craky, yawning voice. During his "time to shine" singing moment, his voice was a bit wavering and pulsed (similar to food cooking in a hot frying pan) My comment: This a form of mutation! Calling all humpty dumpty eggheads to study this very unique subject.

lol...yeah! that made my night...kaya ako shaddap n lang,lol.

kidding! Peace out people.


perioperativenurse said...

"It's very resonant."

Even up to now, clueless ako sa meaningng word na yan.. haiz..

miss_dibly said...

uy uy. the frigid. lol. bat nga ba frigid ang description ko sa sarili ko nun? lol.

naalala ko tuloy yung YM confe na un.
hmm.. sila onaz, jedz, bespren julian, hon ira yung ka confe natin. lol

pag mag BRB na ko, saka ka lang magsasalita. lol. kakatuwa ka sun. :P

na miss ko na un ah!