Wednesday, May 21, 2008

emo boy (not the one who wears tight pants and sweaters)

emo moments...
I haven't had enough sleep for almost a week. With only three or four hours of dozing off each day, its dragging me off! My run down life, pathetic. I had a weather convo with some of my xat friends but the emo bombi had overdue the stupid feelings inside of me...As a person who does nothing, life becomes a burden and its getting heavier each day. Though i usually take a moment every morning to convince myself that everything has a purpose, it doesn't work anymore, it's just a mere blather to disguise the pain and the hermit feelings. This is too much...weeps!sobs!
I'm an "emo boy" (not the one who wears tight girl jeans)today, breathes in and out!

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