Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just for LustFFs: the cooking oil experience "draft"

It was roughly midnight and all of my company were already half-dead in their consciousness. I went out and took a walk around the veranda of my filthy flat. My whole day was shitty, i flunked at one of my exams and had a clash with my friend about our thesis proposal title. So bad! I took a deep breath and slid my hand into my pocket to get some dime for my daily dose of nicotine but damn my pocket was empty. But I kept on moving my hand inside my pocket hoping for some dimes hiding on it. Then a sensitive gland was stimulated and i got pretty aroused for i was wearing boxers only and my "manoy" was freely hanging, swinging and banging inside. I immediately went to my room and started jerking but in the middle of my cockin' business i got bored, damn! I looked for my KY jelly (from OPD,OB dept) but i was out of stock so i just searched for the baby oil. I was searching bare naked, running around the house but i couldn't find it. Whoaa! The Eisntien's bulb lit up and i figured out the perfect alternative. I went to the kitchen and snatched the one liter bottle of Minola cooking oil. "this is perfect" told to myself grinning. My blood was rushing unstoppable into my full-kickin' manoy while my mind was on the creative lust operation. Perfect oil, perfect minola oil!When I was about to come*,i heard the screech of the door.Shit! In a wink, my aunt was in my face clearing her eyes. As a reflex act i grabbed the "tabo" on the sink, covered my manoy and run out of the kitchen swiftly as if I was in chase by wolf packs. While i was on my shame escape i could see that my aunt's face was petrified, that's a shit! Haiz! I lost my sexual appetite and slept with "palusot numbers" running through my head. The next day, i got up very early, prepared myself, escaped breakfast, and rushed to school. Luckily my aunt was just visiting, the time i got home from school she was gone already . "sighed"!

Morale: don't use cooking oil for your filthy "cocking" business.

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