Thursday, May 22, 2008

How to Be Kind...the filthy steps!

While i was spending my kill-time nocturnal moments, i accidentally clicked on the bookmark with the topic chosen by my sister. Ya' know, the usual girlie prim and proper things-to-do but i found this one article very interesting and helpful for me and for those who wants to shit my life. How to be kind (smug).

Do you bite someone's head off once they start talking? Or do all your friends describe you as too mean? Well here I will tell you how to be kind.


1. The first step to being kind is being happy (not phony happy) Try to get more sleep at night or do something that makes you feel good without criticizing others.
- waaaaaahhhhhh: this is not applicable to me! Get more sleep? coffee pleaseee...
2. Before you can be kind to others you have to be kind to yourself. Calling yourself fat or ugly makes you feel bad and you may want to criticize other people.
- jeeez: I feel dumb dumb dumb! I'm a filthy animal.
3. Avoid gossiping/spreading rumors about other people.
- hmmm..not my cup of tea
4. When talking to someone try to listen until they are done.
- well, i can do this!
5. Try to compliment them on something they're wearing ("Oh, I love your shirt." Or, "Your shoes are awesome."). Try not to get jealous; if they know you're jealous it can cause an awkward moment.
- ohhh, i hate mushy comments. Say it loud, say it right!
6. Kind people always are themselves and don't care if they look dumb while they are doing something.(Like laughing so hard they can't stop.)
- ahahahahhaahaha, laughs to death. i don't care!
7. If someone is being mean to another person like calling them stupid or fat try not to join in.
- getting jiggy with it, tra la la la!
8. If your friends are teasing or gossiping about a person, give a non-confrontational defense--such as "She's always been nice to me"--or steer them away from that conversation topic.
- agree!
9. If someone compliments you, don't give them a dirty look and say "back off jerk face!" Say thanks and continue what you were doing or compliment them in return.(Remember this person is trying to be nice and friendly towards you, perhaps wanting to be your friend.)
- rolling eyeballs, batting eyelashes...

Then after reading this article, i asked myself "how to be kind?" answer was - ???

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