Wednesday, May 14, 2008

make your tummy busy...draft lang

The basic things to start the engine: Bread or any carbs and the main course of the banquet: a pot of coffee or tea (freshly brewed is a must). On the side dish: we have chocolates, ice cream(seldom,lol),peanuts or boy bawang will do, and fruit selections.
With this sumptuous goddies, studying til' the sun shines on my room is irrefutable.
This is my "survival kit" number 2: feed your filthy flagitiousness.

My body needs these things to run my filthy brain. The ritual had started when i was still in elementary grade. As far as i remember, i needed to wait til' the clock strikes at 10pm before i could browse my notes. I couldn't hardy remember why i was doing that kind of crap. Then when i reached high school my body clock system had changed. Early morning was the new tutelage time. Again i don't know the reason,lol, maybe for some hormonal changes or just a form of procrastination,lol. College years were the toughest steps. The coffee addiction had arrived and it was complemented by the aroma of cigarette's smokes but then i easily got dozed-off. I thought of other things to keep me awake all night to finish all the crams at school. After a few experimenting, i was able to discern the important formula to run the engine longer,"food" will fight off the dozing calls. So now, its not only coffee that keeps me alive but with goddie foods too,lol.

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miss_dibly said...

hmm... ako ata, mas nakaka aral pag wla pa laman ang tyan. lol. kc pag may food, panay kain lang nagagawa ko. after nun, ayun, tulog na. lol