Saturday, May 17, 2008

Im a filthy-happy man: draft din (as always)

HAPPiness trala-la-la-la

The music goes on
I have to move along
The sun shines and the moon illuminates
Day passes and still I have none at all
The rain waters the soil
My brain drains all reasons

My life’s overcast
And yet I don’t search for light
I dwell on and stay for a another night
But then further, another comes again

What makes me happy is unknown
But the reasons for my tears are at hand
Dire has won the battle
Noble has forgotten

Sobbing night gratifies
Yet the tears are in pouring grave
Does my heart smiles for gloom?
Or it just palliates the bareness inside?

I wander
I ask
I try hard to understand
But the only thing I need is to calm down
To listen
To feel

Then it starts to glow
Lightens up the lonely sights
Happiness is inside of me
I just need to realize
To sense that I live not to hunt
But to live through on it…

Slow down and enjoy life...
Nothing is wasted in a happy man...

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