Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ur sweet gudbyes: just another emo..draft again

Last night my heart was born once again – a strange emotion had transpired and it was unexplainable beyond any word to begin. It was like my heart was melting down until the wicks of my veins were burnt into ashes. The feeling was ephemeral just like the smile on your face that flashed in my thought in split of my heart’s beat…but in a something else. It seemed that everything had changed just like the rivulets that turned into a drought piece of land and my feeling was bursting just like the volcano that released its dormant tension after a decade of reining in. Your “sweet hellos” that gave me air for a jiffy but then it suddenly turned out to be the poison that torn down my heart and hopes. It was the strangest message that you uttered with pure delights of milk and honey but then it was meant to starve me to death.
And also last night my heart was buried six feet under the ground…

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miss_dibly said...

haiz haiz.. galing tlga mag sulat. kudos! ;)

dapat sun, dinadaan mo sa love letters and poems nililigawan mo. haiz, ewan ko na lang kung di mo pa mapa-"oo" yun. hehe!