Wednesday, May 14, 2008

take a filthy sip...frappacappadoodahs

Quench your thirst by this delicious treat! my very own frappe!!! It will definitely "wow" your palate in the goodness of this easy-to-do coffee delight. Back off starbucks! lol. Brew a medium shot espresso or you may use the 3in1 coffee mix sachet, put in a blender together with the choco syrup like the hershy choco and a bit of sugar. You may use vanilla ice cream instead of choco syrup or caramel blend. Then blend it, if your blender has a frappe button the better...You may also do it manually by a shaker glass. Lastly, use your crazy imagination to add stuff on it, in my case i used maltesers. That's it! Addiction follows...

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