Monday, May 12, 2008

Virtual emo: part 1

What makes a friend… a friend?
I have been on the chat zone for a pretty long time and I met different faces of the world. At the outset I was the typical newbie, weighing down the circumstances and making a good facade for everyone, for the sake of the “sense of belongingness”. Nursing drills/question and answer was the gateway in reaching the hands of others and I was lucky enough to meet the goodies of that chat room. But in a twist of fate, I found myself in the middle of curses, pranks, and throwing of hot potatoes. It was a mixed emotions being on the spotlight of disgrace and foul popularity. But I needed to stay “kalma” instead of exchanging blows with the shitty; I stayed calm and acted as if I was enjoying the glare of publicity. The days went on like that, it’s pretty tiring but at some points I was relieved that I spent my day not in the solitude of the four corners of my room. The moon and the stars had enveloped each night of the nasty piece of work at the chat room and I didn’t notice that the villains were becoming my allies in the pursuit of mere gibberish. Many nights had passed and I made out the commonalities between us. The common thing that pulled us together…

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