Tuesday, May 13, 2008

my maltesers and my profession...draft!!!

I always find time to take a peak on my book each day to polish my rusty gray matter. Last night while i was trying my best to concentrate on Pregnancy cycle, the thought about my life's future as a nurse has occurred in my wandering thoughts. I was in grave shock thinking about my exhausting profession. I thought of life with a stretched schedule for work and work and still for work with petty off and compensation. Six days in a row, 8 standing hours in a day, and a wrecked body. That would be my future life and with just thinking of that, i got tired to death already. Then as i was automatically reaching my hands to the saucer of maltesers for another "pop-in interval", I noticed that it was already empty. Waaaaaah! My maltesers were all gone. I didn't notice that I crunched up all the goodies. So i just i took a sip on my hot forest fruits tea to satisfy even a bit my insatiable appetite. Then after another emo moments, I've realized that my future job has no difference with a bucket of chocolates. I believe that in due time, ill get used to that job eventually without noticing the turnovers of tiring days and nights. Yes that would be...and same with my maltesers there would always be a sweetness in my palate that would remind me how lucky I am to be in this tiring but truly satisfying profession. The work may worn me out but the passion would repair every single tiredness. The passion that made me through the four years of nursing college and duty experience...those experiences that thought me lessons in life that satisfied even a bit of my insatiable dreams.

Now I am looking forward to actualize myself as a full-pledged Angel of a sick room...

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miss_dibly said...

:) i'm pretty sure you do love your work now. kaya enjoy mo lang yan. I also love this post. at sympre, love ko yang partner-in-crime ko na yan! ;)