Monday, May 12, 2008

darn eMoes...

after browsing some blogs, i felt that mine is awfully humiliating. I am so damn pathetic with my posts here. I've realized that i am getting too much dose of darn emos. I hate it! lol. My blogsite sucks...from my poignant playlists up2 my insolent thoughts and articles. Whatta shame!
but im so damn pathetic...i just can't stop it!

some filthy reasons why i hate my blog:
1. wht's with indiana jones?
2. where are the next part of the posts with part1 title?
3. recipe post: disgusting
4. the desktop will i turnOff the clicking sound there?
5. the emo posts

1 comment:

miss_dibly said...

nah, it's not pathetic. I find it very interesting. kaya nga kahit mejo inaamag na tong posts mo dati, eh binabalik balikan ko pa din. ;)

pero eto lang ha.. bat nga ba yung mga unedited version mo eh, di na na edit? lol.. at ung part 2.. asan na nga? lol

yung comic strip na promise mo sun, wala na din. tsk tsk tsk.

keep on blogging sun, kahit na medyo busy ka na sa work at sa pag lipat sa new pad mo. :)